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“The FOG” is the newsletter of Darling Estate Wines.
Why “The FOG”? Two reasons: firstly, in keeping with the Italian spirit of the valley, I believe our Nebbiolo thrives on the terraces of Koombahla and makes exceptional wine. Nebbiolo comes from the Piedmont region of Italy and is thought to take its name from the Italian word “nebbia” which means “fog” because during Italian harvest time, an intense fog often sets into the Laghne region where much nebbiolo is grown. Secondly, I am here thanks to the legacy my father, Guy Darling, left me. The FOG is also an acronym for “Friends of Guy”. If you knew Guy or you knew his wines or you are a newcomer to Darling Estate, you are all welcome as a “Friend of Guy”.

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What are the highlights of the 2012 vintage and what is bubbling away in the winery?

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Current Offers

To celebrate the first edition of The Fog, we are releasing the remaining stock of the first edition of Darling Estate Nebbiolo, the 2003 vintage. There are only 15 dozen left - be quick!


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