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The King Valley is in the North East of Victoria and is one of Australia's largest premium winegrowing areas. From the wide open plains to the north to the foothills of the alps at the southern end of the valley, the diversity of grape growing conditions provides a range of products, which covers the full spectrum of styles, from sparkling to fortified wines.

koombahla vines

Our Vineyard

Our Koombahla vineyard sits in the hills above Whitfield in the upper King Valley at elevations between 250 and 350m above sea level. The property is bountiful producing walnuts, cherries, apples, pears, figs, grapefruit, lemons and oranges as well as the grapes from the vineyard.

Koombahla Soils

The rich volcanic soils at Koombahla are on deep (3-5 metre) ancient acid eocene basalt lava flows. The vineyard rows run north-south to take advantage of the katabatic breezes that blow down the valley keeping the nights cool and reducing the risk of disease. The long summer days and cool nights prolong the growing season producing fruit with intense flavours and colours.


koombahla gum tree

Koombahla's Gum Tree

Koombahla is an Aboriginal word meaning gum tree. The tree on our label stands at the top of the property looking down over the vines below. The tree is over 200 years old and stretches over 70 metres into the azure sky. Around its base it measure 7 metres. Its age, size and strength highlight the ideal growing conditions in the valley. It is blessed with clean air, warm sun, rich soil and over 1 metre of rainfall a year.